How I Started to Silversmith?

This is a question that I get many times. Sometimes people are curious or they just want to learn.  I never enrolled in a class or went to school for it, which means that if your heart and soul are invested in this, well, that's all you really need. 

University of YouTube (lol yes!) was my main source of information when it came to learning techniques. I watch videos from the amazing Soham Harrison and Nancy Hamilton. Facebook groups, I joined metalsmithing groups and did my fair share of questions about tools and techniques, so one thing I always recommend, don't be afraid to ask :).  I acquired some basic tools, from Etsy, Amazon and local jewelry shops, 

When I started and until recently, I had my main 9 to 5 office job and worked nights and weekends to fulfill my jewelry passion, so yes, it is possible to do both and eventually transition to make this your main gig. 

I can go on and on about tools, materials etc. for now I will leave this here and maybe blog more about specifics at a later date.  


thanks for being part of my journey!